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I just received my second order from Gold Phoenix PCB and I have to say, I’m astounded by the value.  In the most recent order, I got 155 square inches of PCB space, two layer, 2oz copper, full soldermask (black) on both sides, two-side silk screen, and multiple project v-score for $189 (shipping included)!  Thats unbelivable.  Advanced Circuits has lost my business, they don’t even get a link from my blog.  From payment to delivery at my door took less than 2 calendar weeks!  The quality is top-notch also; I haven’t had a short or open on any of my boards (about 50) from them even with 7mil traces!

I’ve had the same contact both times, Shane, who has been quick to respond to my quote requests, and keep me updated on anything I forgot to send them, and then I get an email with a Fedex tracking number a week or so later.

They run a great shop, and a excellent service, highly recommended.

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  1. You should try PCB International, I believe you can get all the same specs for around $150. Their quality and service is excellent as well.

  2. Thanks for the write up. Based on your review I’ve decided to give them a try and the boards came out great (though I received them a few days late). For higher end boards esp. multi-layers I generally use International Circuits ( as they have similar deals with higher end specs (5/5 trace and space, 12 mil drills). But for simple 2 layer bare boards GP is the cheapest I’ve gone with. Thanks again.

  3. Actually, for higher end boards (or simple ones) I like to use PCB Universe. I haven’t found any place with better quality, cost and on time delivery.

  4. I have been using Gold Phoenix for many years.
    The boards are of good quality,
    but the lack of an automated ordering system
    often leads to unexpected results and mistakes.

    It’s always a battle to get proper price quotes
    and the exact specs you need from Shane
    which obviously has trouble with English.

    Their web site is very amateur, utterly confusing.

    The last price quote I got had multiple repeated mistakes
    and Shane finally drove me off to International Circuit.

    Very clear and efficient instant online quote.
    MUCH cheaper pricing — about half the price for quantity 200 !
    All boards individually routed, any solder mask color,
    any silk screen color — all without the extra costs of Gold Phoenix.

    I should have found International Circuits years before…

  5. I agree with Winston above about the overall Gold Phoenix, though they do produce quality circuit board. Take a look at American Circuit Technology,, they do a lot and reallly excel in flexible circuit technologies.

  6. Placed multiple orders with Gold Phoenix over several years. The quality is excellent if you get the electrical testing. The Shane guy is quite the *insert expletive* and frequently gets pricing wrong and tries to tack on extra cash. Pay his prices in USD, don’t let him convert it for you to your currency or he’ll tack on an extra 10-15%. His website used to be crap but is better now and he doesn’t seem to know his own website. His replies to questions are often arrogant and often contradicts himself.

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