Gigabit LAN Upgrade

Not much time to post, so I’ll post the quick bandwidth test we did between two machines before and after the LAN upgrade:


Some notes:

  • For a bandwidth tester we used iperf, a linux script that has been ported to windows via a cygwyn build.
    • For Linux we just ran “yum install iperf”
    • For Windows we googled “iperf windows”, but here is one binary from UCF.
  • The real path just explains the connection between the two units.
  • The window size was automatically determined by iperf.
  • The 10 second test duration is iperf’s default.

And the same data graphically:


As you can see, there is considerable bandwidth improvement, even for the integrated NIC (and the PCI NIC is more than twice as fast as that!)

Posted Friday, November 6th, 2009 under networking.

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